Facebook A former Isis bride says she still has feelings for her terror chief ex, despite turning her back on the group. There won’t be a massive Margaret Thatcher statue in London after all She met her husband John Georgelas through a Muslim dating website and married in October She told The Atlantic: She still admits feelings towards her former husband, who she has now divorced. She claims September 11 terror attacks on America was the turning point for her radicalisation. At that point I became really jihadi hardcore.

British jihadi bride ‘can’t help but love’ her Isis ex-husband

A source told the newspaper that Matimba, who was previously thought to be a peripheral figure among British Isis fighters, had been put in charge of sniper training and called for terror attacks. Matimba is believed to have been an associate of Salman Abedi , and been in contact with him in the run-up to the attack in May. Other members of the clique became notorious, with Emwazi unmasked as the executioner in gory videos showing the murder of hostages including James Foley and Alan Henning.

Khan, a year-old from Cardiff, appeared in propaganda videos and was part of a cell attempting to organise terror attacks in the West, including plots in Britain. He was killed in the first ever RAF drone strike targeting a British national in August , with Hussain killed in an American strike three days later and Emwazi died in another US drone attack in November that year.

Dec 08,  · A lot people were surprised to learn that the husband and wife behind the San Bernardino terrorist attacks met each other online. We were really curious as to what kind of dating website caters to.

Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: In defensive jihad, there is a permit at the start of fighting to fight however you can, but eventually you must organize and appoint an Amir. While all elements of the virtual caliphate reverberate with jihad propaganda, it is the ministry of war that actively seeks out young Muslims and preys on their minds.

Its aim is to turn them into members of terrorist cells and make them eager to commit mass murder and suicide. Once the indoctrination and training are complete , these members will either travel abroad to fight or form cells ready for activation. In some cases, a command to activate these sleeper cells is delivered online. As they spend increasing amounts of time in the jihadi setting, participants in a point of entry website become fully open to the jihadi message.

Members of jihadi online environments such as the Paltalk chat room will learn to despise Western culture and are taught that the rulers of Saudi Arabia, for example , are infidels.

Gardaí probe suspected jihadi cell led by two Chechen brothers in west of Ireland

Hence we find Rudy Giuliani addressing their annual convention and pledging regime change in Iran. Giuliani only has experience of two kinds of regime change. Disastrous and more catastrophic. He thought invading and ocoupying Iraq would be a swell idea. Personally, I never liked the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Lonely ISIS fighters ‘looking for love on online dating site Islamic Marriage’ English language website Islamic Marriage has scores of ads from men in the jihadi heartlands in Iraq and Syria.

He also promised to take care of her. They were married under Islamic law a month after meeting — a union which became legal a year later, in October , when they wed at Rochdale Register Office. Their eldest son, Hassan, was born in the U. During the next ten years, Tania and her husband travelled extensively, flitting between Damascus, Cairo and Dallas. I painted this rosy picture in my mind. I was picturing a Utopia.

I started questioning him, questioning his thinking. When he was jailed in the U. In , she gave birth to a second son, Laith, and two years later the pair relocated to Cairo. A third son, Hari, was born there on Christmas Day and for a time, the family seemed to enjoy a comfortable life in the city. But by , Georgelas was determined to go to Syria.

Tania, who was pregnant with their fourth son, was reluctant to take her children into a war zone. Her relationship with her husband became violent.

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Propaganda is still being pumped out by the cult Cyber security firm Sixgill passed onto this website a string of recently-posted jihadi propaganda calling for more attacks on the West. Propaganda is still being pumped out by the cult however as it attempts to inspire fighters to attack targets in Britain, France, the US, Russia and more. The eight tragic victims of the London Bridge terror attack In total, the cowardly attack in London Bridge resulted in the death of 8 innocent people.

ISIS propaganda shared with Daily Star Online by the firm include a poster celebrating the Manchester attack, instructions of how to plan attacks, and hand drawn instructions for suicide bombs.

The Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria is now offering 5-minute speed dating services to attract more disenfranchised Western women to the caliphate and to become jihadi brides.

Glasgow’s Jihadi Bride berates Syrian refugees as ‘rich following their whims’ David Leask 10 comments Scottish extremist Aqsa Mahmood has attacked refugees fleeing Islamic State as “rich” people “seeking to fulfill their whims”. The year-old left Glasgow in to marry a Islamist fighter in Syria but has now turned on those making the journey in the opposite direction. Dubbed Scotland’s “jihadi bride”, Mahmood – or someone using her name – has been an active propagandiser for Islamic State for more than a year.

In a blogpost in her adopted name, Umm Layth, the former private schoolgirl berated Muslims for running to the Kuffar, non-believers. They will get decent treatment and eat from what we eat rather than being caged off like infectious animals. Mahmood has previously provided advice for young women wishing to join her in Syria and is understood to have joined Islamic State’s female police service. Her parents have pleaded for her to return home. However, she would almost certainly face arrest in the United Kingdom.

Dad risks it all to save his radicalized son from jihadists in ‘Rescued from ISIS’

Share this article Share ‘She puts down her age, her name, what her personality is like, and what she looks for in a man. And men also post their CVs,’ she said. If they both agree then they get married.

Apr 20,  · While some jihadi website bloggers expressed feelings of jubilation for the Boston Marathon bombings, most largely kept silent or remained .

Former punk rocker Jones, 47, has remained at large since her Kings Heath husband Junaid Hussain was killed in a US drone strike in He had also been recruited by Islamic State. Junaid Hussain poses with a weapon. The intelligence document, seen by the Mail on Sunday, reveals women and children are more likely to be used to carry out terrorist attacks in the West as ISIS loses control of its strongholds in Raqqa and Mosul.

Half of those are believed to have already returned to their home countries. Sally Jones in her band According to the Mail on Sunday, the report states: She became the first British woman to be found guilty of joining the Islamic State terror group after she fled to Syria with her toddler son. Deleted image recovered from a phone allegedly used by Tareena Shakil, which prosecutors claim shows the woman posing with an AK47 assault rifle Shakil, 28, told her family she was going to Turkey on a beach holiday – but secretly fled across the border to Syria and was taken to the capital of the terrorist caliphate.

Jones, originally from Kent, became known as the White Widow after the death of computer hacker Hussain. She is reportedly leader of the secret Anwar al-Awlaki battalion’s female wing – where she is said to be responsible for training European terror recruit females. Like us on Facebook.

From Jihadi John to White Widow: The Britons killed after joining Islamic State

The “organised terror cell” is headed by two Chechen brothers who have been living in Ireland for a number of years. Senior sources have revealed that gardai have been monitoring the activities of the eight-man cell for a number of months. The suspected Islamic extremists, who live in various rural locations, are being investigated for using An Post and courier services for ‘dummy runs’ to send items to the war-torn Middle East.

Islamic State jihadi says mass rapes of non-Muslim women were “normal” Feb 18, pm By Robert Spencer In Islamic law, it is normal: the seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an.

Four are serving life sentences for multiple murders, a fifth was martyred while dodging arrest for the murder of an Israeli, and a sixth is on trial for the confessed murder of Israeli staff sergeant Ronen Lubarsky. While mothers in western civilization take pride in having their children succeed in their career choice, marry and give them grandchildren to tend and lovingly spoil, Palestinian parents are the result of an honor-shame culture that has perpetuated itself through the centuries to produce these human “weapons of mass destruction.

In such a culture, the children are raised and controlled through submission, often covert and unintentional, but they are “objectified,” disconnected from all human emotion and relate to others as objects. This is a multi-faceted term defined by some or all of the following: The majority of young girls are severely devalued, as evidenced by the macabre act of female genital mutilation — yes, mutilation, not merely a “cut,” as jihada Linda Sarsour would have us believe.

Usually deprived of an education and, hence, the ability to develop independence, the daughter is shamed by soon having to be completely covered, becoming as invisible and immaterial as her mother, and often married as one of four youngsters to an older man, not of her choosing — legalized rape by an adult. Polygamy polygyny is integral to a warrior culture that anticipates a male population reduced by perpetual battle. It also allows for no emotional investment in one stable relationship.

It is also reasonable to assume that the subconscious animosity for his mother and all maternal figures to be explained is why the male cannot express normal tenderness and protectiveness but, instead, develops a dominating sexual interest toward underage children, either gender, a psychiatric disorder. For the devout Muslim, western dating, courtship, romance and love are not options, and marriage often becomes a series of rapes alternating with childbirth.

In his childhood, the Muslim male has often been affected by what his mother endured at the hands of a tyrannical father who was also dealing with the rage of his own childhood. The result of his being subjected to shame, ridicule, ostracism, and bullying is that the son develops his own rage at his parents’ terrors and, like the daughter, is compelled to repress his feelings.

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