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Cameroon Population 24, , Cameroon is a culturally diverse costal country in Africa , which lies on the western side of Africa on the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. The population is estimated at Cameroon’s population is estimated at This makes Cameroon the 54th most populous country in the world. The urbanization rate is currently 3. Douala is the 27th most expensive city on earth, and the most expensive African city. Kirdi and Fulani peoples are also a good percentage of the residents of Cameroon. Islamic believers are concentrated in the north of Cameroon while Christian believers are dense in the southern and western region of the country.

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France To be born an English speaker in a world where the language remains the lingua franca of trade and diplomacy is normally to draw first prize in the linguistic lottery of life. A ruthless response by the government, characterised by the killing of protesters and a two-month internet shutdown in English-speaking regions, has hardened antagonisms, pitching the West African country into deep crisis and raising questions about its survival as a unified state.

Amid growing secessionists mutterings, Britain has become more active in recent days in attempting to defuse the confrontation. Protests in Cameroon in December But such quiet diplomacy has also angered some Anglophone activists, who accuse Britain of abandoning its responsibilities in the former British Southern Cameroons, which united with the much larger French Cameroons in It is a loyalty that has rarely been reciprocated by Britain.

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The land in question is located along the new road up station from mile two Nkwen. Though strong and accusative as their words sound, one thing that remains unique to all is that the people of Nkwen and those of Bamendakwe just like the Fon of Nkwen and the City Delegate share ancestral and historical relationships. Oral History has it that the people of Bamendakwe earlier settled in a quarter called Mendah in Nkwen. Because of their predominant activity as blacksmiths, they had to move up the hills of Bamenda present day Bamendakwe so as to make use of wood which has made the village very well known as supplier of charcoal.

Attempts by the people of Bamendakwe to install a Quarter Head around the same area meet unprecedented resistance from the people of Nkwen with a canopy mounted for that purpose destroyed and almost resulting in an open human confrontation. This suggestion was however not received lightly by the Paramount Fon of Nkwen and His Colleague of Mankon with both leaders saying that there is no way they will allow their land to be ceded to Bamendakwe or Bamenda I. So far the final limits have not been made public by the National Commission charged with the regulation of administrative boundaries and territorial units despite the submission of the required documentation by the SDO for Mezam produced in tandem with the Divisional delegation for State property, Survey and land tenure.

This work is done mindful of a correspondence from the Minister of State property, Survey and Land Tenure Jacqueline Koung a Bessike on the 24 July referring to a Prime Ministerial Order of the 21 March incorporating five hectares in Bamenda for the construction of 50 low cost houses and eventual compensation of the victims whose property would be destroyed.

At swearing-in, Cameroon’s Biya recognises anglo ‘frustrations’

Tassili n’Ajjer rock art The earliest evidence that shed some light on the pre-historic Fulani culture can be found in the Tassili n’Ajjer rock art, which seem to depict the early life of the people dating back to BCE. Examination of these rock paintings suggests the presence of proto-Fulani cultural traits in the region by at least the 4th millennium BCE. At the Tin Tazarift site, for instance, historian Amadou Hampate Ba recognized a scene of the ‘lotori’ ceremony, a celebration of the ox’s aquatic origin.

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Is the town of Adwa growing in Leaps and bounds? It is exciting to know that the honorable Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Ato Haile Mariam Desalgne has laid down a commemorative monument dedicated to the establishment of the Adwa Pan-African University years after this historic battle. The stone monument was erected very close to the statue and burial place of the known Ethiopian hero, Ras Alula Aga Nega. It has several credits locally and globally, and go on with future vision indicators that training and development become an exigent issue and strategic option in organizations, or rather one of features of life.

The passing of Mehret is a major loss for her immediate and extended families and it is with deep sorrow that I am extending my condolences to her husband, Beraki Gebreselassie, her children, and her sisters Ararat Iyob and Ruth Iyob, and the rest of her brothers and sisters. Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia meticulously and I gather painstakingly diagnosed the problem and shortcomings of the Ethiopian written system commonly known as Ethiopic or Geez in particular and the language in general, and came up with a radical departure from the traditional Ethiopian orthography.

The existence of too many word derivations, widespread spelling inconsistencies and a large number of characters in the Ethiopic writing system means only a small fraction of words in Ethio Semitic languages can be entered in any dictionary let alone to be ordered alphabetically. And facing the Border Commission, at the outset, Ethiopia was dealing with colonial treaties of for the central sector , for the western sector , and for the eastern sector , all treaties that were long dead and also made null and void by Italy when it temporarily occupied Ethiopia from to On top of this, in due course of deliberations by the Border Commission, there were so many confusing names of places and rivers that were presented by the two parties as part of their documentary evidences or exhibits.

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Sign up to our Daily newsletter Armed men have kidnapped at least 78 students and their principal from a Presbyterian school in Nkwen village in Cameroon, a governor has said. The kidnapping late Sunday took place near Bamenda, the capital of the troubled English-speaking region, according to Governor Deben Tchoffo. In the video, the kidnappers force about six of the children to give their names and the names of their parents.

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The principal and a teacher of the Presbyterian Secondary School were also abducted Nov. Fonki Samuel, moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, told BBC Focus on Africa that the students, aged , were “frightened and traumatised but in good shape. Another 11 students were abducted Oct. Samuel suggested that “armed groups, gangsters and thieves” could be using the insecurity in Cameroon, blaming kidnappings on either the government or the separatists.

Separatists have set fire to more than schools, taking them over as training grounds, the AP has reported. The groups protest the bias toward the French language over English in the educational system. Oct 30, an American Baptist missionary was shot in the head amid the fighting in Bamenda. Both the separatist fighters and government security forces have used violence against innocent civilians,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Palladino said Oct.

Earlier in October, a seminarian in Bamenda was shot by Cameroonian soldiers outside of a church following Mass. Anjiangwe died holding his rosary.

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They used the occasion to fish out other women in the congregation who do not attend their weekly meetings by handing them lighted candles. The men and the youth also used the celebration to hand lighted candles to their peers who are not involved in their group activities. On Day One October 16, , some people comprising about adults and children turned up to watch the film. Even though many of them prayed the prayer to invite Jesus Christ into their lives, no one responded to the alter call.

But from every indication, the message sank deep into the soul of a good number of them present.

In Cameroon culture, as with a lot of other African countries, traditional marriage rituals are fast being replaced by modern day more westernized practices.

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According to its recent report, one in four deaths among children aged under five are now due to environmental hazards such as air pollution and contaminated water. Previously this year, air pollution levels in London were worse than those in Beijing for a brief period – with the UK capital’s pollutants frequently breaking UK limits. Now, the UK Government plans to tackle such dangers by banning diesel and petrol cars by

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Patrice Nganang is a literature professor and the author of several novels A judge in Cameroon has ordered the release of a US-based author and academic who was detained for allegedly threatening President Paul Biya’s life.

The judge ruled that Patrice Nganang should be expelled from the central African state, his lawyer said. No official reason was given for the the decision to free the US citizen. Mr Nganang was detained three weeks ago as he was about to fly out of his country of birth. He is a fierce critic of Mr Biya’s year rule. The government accused him of threatening to shoot the president in a Facebook post, allegedly written after he visited the restive Anglophone west in mostly French-speaking Cameroon.

Mr Nganang pleaded not guilty during a court appearance on 15 December. His lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, said the case was “purely political nature” against someone who was strongly opposed to Mr Biya’s regime. He is also the author of several prize-winning novels, including “Temps de Chien”, or “Dog Days”, which focuses on life in Cameroon under the rule of Mr Biya. Mr Nganang’s Cameroonian passport was seized and he was arrested, as he was about to board a flight to Zimbabwe.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Activists accuse the government of using excessive force to end protests His family and friends said he had been detained for writing an article for French magazine Jeune Afrique, criticising Mr Biya’s government for his handling of protests by English-speaking Cameroonians.

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Colonial history[ edit ] In the late 19th century, the Mankon people fought against German colonial forces, in a conflict that became known as the Battle of Mankon. German colonial forces, allied with the Bali people, were led by Eugen Zintgraff and severely outnumbered the Mankon. The first two conflicts saw the German and Bali force, armed with guns and cannons, defeated at the hands of the spear- and machete-toting Mankon warriors. Some of Zintgraff’s men had to flee on foot to as far as Babungo.

But the Mankon people were finally defeated in a third conflict in This situation remained until the British-administered Cameroons achieved independence in

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Legal situation[ edit ] Section of the Criminal Code criminalises “Whoever, of either sex, engages habitually for gain, in sexual intercourse with others. Sex worker report being arrested for not carrying an identification card and having to pay a bribe to be released. Sexual assaults , rape and having unprotected sex with officers to be released have also been reported. Sex workers are one of the high risk groups. Access to health care and antiretroviral ARTs medicines for sex workers has improved.

Human trafficking in Cameroon Cameroon is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking. Child traffickers often use the promise of education or a better life in the city to convince rural parents to give their children over to an intermediary, who then exploits the children in sex trafficking; traffickers also kidnap victims, as heightened public awareness of trafficking has led parents to be less willing to give their children to intermediaries.

Sometimes relatives subject children to sex trafficking within the country. Homeless children and orphans are especially vulnerable to trafficking. Teenagers and adolescents from economically disadvantaged families are often lured to cities by the prospect of employment but are subjected to sex trafficking. Cameroonians from disadvantaged social strata, rural areas, and students are increasingly exploited in sex trafficking in the Middle East , especially Kuwait and Lebanon , as well as in Europe , including Finland , the United States , and multiple African countries, including Nigeria.

Southern Cameroon protest in Bamenda