JD and Elliot DON’T belong together.

Coleman “Colonel Doctor” Slawski Lloyd Slawski, the delivery guy Originally, the Janitor was meant to be a one-season-only character who would be revealed in the season finale to be JD’s imaginary creation. He was so popular that they scrubbed that idea and kept him as a real character and Almighty Janitor. Sacred Heart doesn’t have a lost and found box. They have an “Ass Box”. From the episode My Own Personal Jesus: I don’t want to go to Mass in the stupid morn- ooh, hey, candy!

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I do not own the characters nor the concept of Scrubs. An accident brings Perry and JD closer So this is my second Scrubs story, and yes, it is a slash. I can’t guarantee how structured my postings will be because the story is only one third the way written. This is a slash story: If you do not like these stories, please stop reading because all flames based on the fact this is a slash story will be cruelly mocked along with their flamer in the next chapter.

JD and Elliot DON’T belong together. I’ve seen every single episode of Scrubs, and for the longest time, I was convinced that JD and Elliot would be together in the end. about how awkward it is around JD, and JD looks for closure. Later that year, during Christmas, in My Monster, JD and Elliot hook up and become sex buddies (in My Sex.

When Good Shows Go Bad: Scrubs By Peter Dawson Feb 25, – 8: By the way, when I say ‘this week’ I do mean every Monday as of now. Anyhow, I once again am about to analyze a show I really liked and have fond memories of Unlike Spin City Scrubs was entirely his baby, being the sole executive producer until from its start in Scrubs was only a real ratings giant in Season 2, when it managed a whooping 15 million viewers, but otherwise after season 2 stayed consistently on average below 7 million viewers.

Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan One of them got a red-headed, Jewish, glasses-wearing Family Guy character named after him. JD acts as the narrator as wacky hilarity and shockingly serious medical drama occur, often with an important life lesson by the time everything is said and done. For a start, every character had something hilarious about them.

JD was overly childish and effeminate; Turk was just as childish despite the appearance of being a smooth operator; Elliot had a very unusual family she frequently referenced and had some rather odd fetishes; Carla was very sarcastic yet her actual jokes were surprisingly unfunny; Dr. Cox would go on hilarious rants about just how much other people sucked, usually while calling JD a girl’s name; Kelso was morally dubious and had his own unusual family he loved to talk about; and the Janitor was such a menagerie of horrors its really hard to nail down.

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Goofy and well-meaning, JD creates a unique dynamic for the show as he illustrates the life of medical interns everywhere, adding color with his particularly strange perspectives. Perry Cox John C. McGinley ; a neurotic love interest in Elliot Reid Sarah Chalke ; a seemingly psychotic enemy in the Janitor Neil Flynn , in addition to meeting a host of kooky characters who only enhance the series.

I just watched the episode where JD was the clown for Elliot. Then they made love at the end of the episode and when she’s about to leave Sean knocks on the door (of JD’s apartment no less, kind of weird) and takes Elliot away.

Go ahead, insult me like you always do. When you less expect I put all those flyers up and no one wants me to live with them. Oh, c’mon, Elliot, I’m sure you’ll eventually find a roommate who’s a clean non-smoking vegetarian that rinses the shower thoroughly after each usage. Well, if you don’t it gets mildewy. You should live with my friend, Anal McLooney Carla: It’s almost like it’s been sculpted.

Everyone has a cute butt; I have a cute butt.

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How about this, you pay for cable and you get one night a week with Ian. Tempting, but you’re lowballing me. As the commodity being traded, do I get any say in this matter? Generally, Hilarity Ensues , except when the friend is poisonous , the love interest is clingy or psycho-possessive.

JD and Elliot hook up for the first time – My Drug Buddy. December – My Own Personal Jesus. November – My Day Off. c. November 1 – My Old Lady. October – My Best Friend’s Mistake. October 12 Turk and Carla’s first date at 7pm. Scrubs Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Assorted “Scrubs” Trivia click to play it. Question by author yanksgiants Do You Know Your “Scrubs? Question by author stacyc Harvey Corman Harvey Corman is constantly in the hospital for one or another imagined illness. This time, however, he is actually sick. She’s lovely and all, but every time the fridge is empty, she looks at our son like he’s a plate of ribs. Question by author summergirl He replies that he wanted a skinny model nanny instead.

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A scene of JD puking in a toilet is cut. The On-call montage is structured: JD flinches at a spinal tap procedure. JD talks to a man dressed as a woman. The nurse does it for him.

“Dreaming of You” while JD and Elliott hook up was such a memorable part of that scene the first time I saw it, I was actually looking forward to hearing it. Then when “Dirty Minds” came on and it was a totally different style song, it completely took me out of the show.

Character background[ edit ] J. Jonathan Doris, a college friend of series creator Bill Lawrence. The sequences played out in his daydreams are of surreal scenarios and situations that have just been mentioned or wondered about, often in an exaggerated manner. Many of these are followed by a comment from him which, although in keeping with his daydream, sounds strange and is often highly unrelated to the initial topic, very often earning him odd looks from nearby characters in the scene.

Despite his numerous mistakes, quirks and personal neurosis, J. He is described as having compassion for his patients, and a lot of determination and enthusiasm for his job. Work[ edit ] J. Perry Cox John C. McGinley , who generally refers to J. As much as he hates to admit it, however, Cox respects J. However, he later confesses to Cox that he still looks upon him as a hero, and admires him for caring so much about his patients that he takes it hard when things go badly for them.

Scrubs – should Elliot and JD end up together?

Question by author timence. Janitor Janitor turned out to be the only one who wanted to be in the photo, but he wasn’t invited, so he ruined the photo by reflecting light from a mirror. When Carla realises this, he helps her get everyone back and the photo is finally taken. What does JD’s unicorn do in his fantasy?

Part 8 click to play it. Talks The unicorn, which is yellow and purple JD apparently drew it himself is very comforting to JD.

Season Seven. Finding themselves in a compromising position, J.D. and Elliot prepare to kiss. Elliot changes her mind at the last second, and they agree that it almost happened because they are both nervous about their current relationships.

Inspiring Quotes The Best Scrubs Quotes Before we generously shower you with some of the best Scrubs quotes around, here is some background information about the TV series behind the quotes. Many famous TV quotes stick in your mind, and one of the shows that has produced some of the best famous television quotes is the hit TV series Scrubs. Scrubs is a show based on doctors at a fictional hospital Sacred Heart , and many of the main characters have been known for their hilarious television quotes.

Many of the supporting cast have also contributed to some of the best quotes from Scrubs, and the quotes from Scrubs that are posted online tend to be entertaining and amusing. There are many Scrubs quotes from each character of the show, but here we are only going to present the best quotes from Scrubs, as there are simply too many to count. You will find that the quotes tend to be entertaining, sarcastic, and incredibly witty. You can have fun finding your favorite famous TV quotes by your favorite Scrubs character, and you will get a chuckle or a laugh at the funny things said by the characters of the show in this list of famous quotes from Scrubs.

JD Quotes from Scrubs JD Dorian played by Zach Braff is the main character of the show, and he is known for his many famous funny Scrubs quotes as well as his incredibly uncommon personality. JD is a metrosexual man with an all too vivid imagination which makes for some of the weirdest and most memorable scenes in Scrubs , who somehow manages to succeed as a doctor and have more or less meaningful relationships with a number of women. He looks up to Dr.

Cox see below and is best friends with Dr. Christopher Turk see below and Dr.

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